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Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: FLYING TANDOOR


January 29, 2017 / Food Truck, Food Truck Diaries

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: FLYING TANDOOR

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: The Dude behind

With a fresh perspective and a reforming zeal towards food, Darryl takes us to the land of lip smacking tandoori food with his food truck called “Flying Tandoor”. With a background in Hotel Management and wide Hospitality experience, Darryl is all smiles as he looks back into his journey and traces the elements to the food truck industry. “I choose a food truck over a restaurant because it reaches more customers, it has a better market and it is easier to reach a breakeven point in this business”, explains Darryl who seems pleased and satisfied with the choices he has made.

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: Putting the Food Truck together

Custom made kitchen equipment is what made this all possible. Rotational grillers and open tandoors were designed and customized specially to fit and meet the need of a food truck. “A lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into the kitchen equipments to make it all work”, adds Darryl. “It's all a game of trial and error. What size you need, how the vehicle work should be done, how the kitchen equipments have to be arranged, how much space you need for rotational grillers and the cooks to stand. Fabrication was also a huge task.” says Darryl “Three months food trials were done before Flying Tandoor was put on road”, adds the proud owner.

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: The Food

Flying Tandoor’s food is a feast to the eyes. You won’t find your appetite restrained to variety in their world. Some of the ardently rewarding flavours include their Tandoori Afghani Chicken, Afghani Chicken Wrap, Tandoori Roll and Paneer Tikka Wrap or Roll. Some of their top selling Beverages are Ice Tea, Orange Blast and Mint Mojito. Flying Tandoor’s success is not only defined by the unique combination of flavours but also by the fact that they take customer feedback very seriously.

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: The Future

With a vision and mission to grow, Darryl is all set to expand its realm to various other cities and is hence offering franchisees. With their confidence and hunger to serve more and more people, we can see Flying Tandoor is definitely going places.

Find them, get to them. Catch Flying Tandoor at Sector-21-d, Faridabad. You can also locate them online on their facebook page which is regularly updated by the owner or call for their lip smacking food, through Zomato.


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