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Marketing done right: Creating Benchmarks


February 7, 2017 / Marketing your restaurant

Marketing done right: Creating Benchmarks

No start-up business begins with a large and loyal customer base at the ready to take them towards success. The journey is long, hard and to reach the top many hurdles have to be crossed. Many restaurants today have managed to carve a niche for themselves in their region with creative use of digital marketing and advertisement strategies and are now benchmarks for other businesses to follow. So what are they doing to stand out that’s different from other restaurants?

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Marketing done right: Extensive usage of Social Media

They have not limited their promotions and presence to just a handful of websites. Using social media extensively to expand their occupancy on internet, they have gained potential customer base from a wide range of sources.

Marketing done right: Constant touch with fans

Another thing all the benchmarks businesses have in common is that they regularly post creative content on their social media templates and pages to maintain a constant and enthusiastic presence with their consumers. This is a sure shot method of keeping the audience interested. But the content posted is just as much important as the frequency of posting it. They utilise colourful graphics, exquisite photography and unique fonts to attract the viewer in the first glance. Hashtags are never overlooked and are used extensively. Professional photographers are featured with wonderful shots of events and activities that these restaurants hosts regularly. These events crafted as crowd magnets to bring in more customers, helps the restaurant or cafe to establish an niche in the community. These events are advertised on social media channels extensively with an enthusiastic approach.

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Marketing done right: Carve your own niche

These restaurants always keep a tight hold on their niche and advertise based on the stuff which makes them stand out from the other similar businesses. This sends a message of authenticity and creativity which definitely brings in the foodies that are constantly on a lookout for ‘different’ gastronomic experiences. It helps that every achievement such as mentions in local newspapers and food magazines are proudly displayed. Having an active social media presence is not just limited to regular posting. Engaging the viewers, quick response to their queries and thanking them for their feedback are just a few good manners that benchmarks food businesses follow.


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