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Marketing for businesses: How to improve customer engagement on social media pages


February 2, 2017 / Marketing your restaurant

Marketing for businesses: How to improve customer engagement on social media pages

Social media marketing is the newest player in the game but no less capable than others. The ease of accessing a wide range of customer base and engaging them has never been so fortuitous. To run a successful business, customer satisfaction and loyalty are two essential factors which keeps the wheel churning. To get the pulse of these factors, social media is an ideal candidate. But sometimes it can be bothersome to generate a social media presence amongst the already well to do businesses. So you’ve made a Facebook page and the likes should come flocking in, correct? Not necessarily. Your social media plays a vital role in the publicity of your business. With a few tricks, you can productively increase your customer engagement on social media websites like Facebook.

Give laziness a rest.

Sporadic posts will get you a weak response from your target audience. Eventually your page will be lost in the abyss of Facebook servers with nary a like to make you smile. Solution? Be Active. Post multiple times throughout the day so that you’ll be more than just a glance at someone's timeline.

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Marketing for businesses: Sponsor your page

A great way to bring in a large customer base is through Facebook sponsorship. It requires a nominal fee and your Facebook page will be on the corner of the eye of your target audience. But bringing the crowd is easy, keeping them engaged requires work.

Marketing for businesses: Post attractive and engaging content

First impression is the last impression. In lieu with social media marketing, this saying couldn’t be truer. The best way to gain attention of a bored Facebook surfer is through a good picture. An exquisite shot of a food item, the sunset, office environment, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words, a good picture is worth a thousand likes and more. Pair it up with good content and now you’ve grabbed the attention of a potential customer. A good artistic doodle here and there wouldn’t go amiss either.

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Marketing for businesses: Regular offers

If there is one thing people love, it’s free or discounted stuff. Keep your social media regularly flooded with this or that offer. A good photo will grab their attention, but promotions will make them stay. A good way to go about it is to hold small competitions promising great prizes. Be creative!

Marketing for businesses: Be enthusiastic in your approach

Most Facebook pages don’t really stress on this point and end up losing out on a loyal audience. To make sure that people actively seek out your social media campaign, you have to let them in. Read through their comments, reply when necessary and treat them with an enthusiasm which should be contagious enough to make them interested.


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