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Social Media Fails: Irregular content Posting


February 9, 2017 / Marketing your restaurant

Social Media Fails: Irregular content Posting

Social media marketing is the trend these days. Whether you’ve a big business or a small start-up, social media can’t be ignored if you want to invite a large and loyal customer base. For start-ups, it is a blessing as it is easy to device your publicity campaign around a specific target audience with real time feedback without spending tons of money on marketing and advertisements.

Social Media Fails: Why there is less engagement on my posts

Social media is a great way to keep your potential customers attentive. But sometimes despite your best efforts, there just isn’t that much engagement. Barely a few likes, hardly any comments and almost no feedback? The main reason for failure of social media marketing is irregular content posting. It’s easy to assume that one picture a day or a couple of days should be enough to keep the audience satisfied. Not at all, that just won’t work.

Facebook is a maze of countless businesses vying for the attention of a bored person on the other end who is looking for some entertainment. In such a scenario, laziness won’t serve you. When you only post once in a while, it becomes lost in the countless ones adorning people’s timelines. The more your number of posts, the more chance they have of standing out. The most popular pages on Facebook post every hour or every half hour. Facebook has a tool for this which allows you to set up your posts and their publish timings in advance. So you don’t have to stay attached to your laptop every second of the day and can still manage your page.

Gradually as your posts will become constant on their timelines, the name of your page will be etched in the memory of the Facebook audience. They will like your page, their friends will like it and before you know it, you’ll gather a your own loyal Facebook fans. But the key to it is active participation, regularity and creative management of tools provided by Facebook to maintain your posts.


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