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Analysis ( Why some Cafes / Restaurants Social presence is great while others are unsuccessful )


February 7, 2017 / Marketing your restaurant

The Analysis (Why some Cafes / Restaurants Social presence is great while others are unsuccessful)

No two businesses and their business model on which they run are ever alike. Even though the premise of the both the businesses might be the same, they differ in many manner of aspects. It is not unusual for businesses catering to the needs of their customers in a similar fashion to come in direct or indirect competition. This is true in the case of social media marketing as well. In our day and age, social media can be the sea on which you row your boat towards success or end up drowning in the virtual waters. It is common to see two restaurants offering similar services and cuisines with similar standards but still one possesses a more loyal customer base and hence, more positive reviews than its counterpart.


The Analysis: Choose the right practice

Social media marketing seems to be easier than the traditional modes marketing. But any seasoned marketing consultant would tell you otherwise. It is not easy to navigate unless you understand the techniques which make the system tick. This is why some businesses have a strong social presence while others end up unsuccessful on that front.

There are some marked differences in the marketing practices of such businesses. The successful ones always share these few traits in their social marketing venture- regularity, enthusiasm, creativity and use of innovative ideas to make themselves stand out from the rest of the crowd. Posting content sporadically on social media for marketing purposes does more harm than good. It not only gives an impression of lethargy on the part of page administrators but also decreases the presence of the page on the timelines. Posting regularly is a good way to make sure that your business stays in the minds of your audience. But posting everyday with a dry post just for the sake of it is not the way to go about things. Why would anyone give an unwitty, monotonous post even a glance when there are more interesting cat videos next in line for their attention!

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The Analysis: Enthusiasm matters

Enthusiasm is the key. Inject an energy into your posts which should be felt by the person on the end of their phone. Such kind of energetic zeal only comes if you’re passionate about your work. Or if you hire a professional to handle your social media accounts for the purpose of marketing. Even then, there can be no replacement for enthusiasm which is an essential for corrective guidance of the business in the future. But being enthusiastic about something for the wrong reasons which inevitably end up offending people is also a mistake that businesses running unsuccessful social media campaigns learn. Mind your courtesies!

It goes without saying that being creative is a requirement in the field of advertising. The same formula when used again and again dulls the potential customers to the enthusiasm you’re trying to inject them with. Even the same coupons and offer deals promising to give 10%, 20% or 30% off, start to gain less traction with time. Successful restaurant businesses often exhibit a local band or clubs on special occasions to give them an exposure. This in turn helps in their own advertisement within a niche community. Such events are widely exhibited on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is a sure shot way to increase the number of visitors on your page.

One thing that makes the successful social media campaigns stand apart from others is their emphasis on highlighting their strengths and achievements. The purpose of a marketing is to generate higher customers. With no lack of advertisements vying for a person's attention, successful social media marketing is in the end a game best played under the guidance of a seasoned professional.


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