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Delhi Cocktail Week: Celebrating high spirits


February 7, 2017 / Curature Munched!, The Food and Art Affair

In this beautiful month of February, let us be impaled by some good spirited cocktail that spices up our senses and numbs all turbulences at the ‘Delhi Cocktail Week’, that hit the city on the 4th of February and has been swinging with full energy since then.

Delhi Cocktail Week: Celebrating high spirits | The Events

The 4th of February has seen an explosive opening to this grand event, at India Art Fair, with Evgenya Prazdnik and Olga Sabanina as participating guest bartenders, led by an opening party at Darzi Bar & Cafe, where Boris Ivanov accompanied Evgenya Prazdnik and Olga Sabanina as a participating guest bartender.


Delhi Cocktail Week: Red Paws Day Out

The 5th of February was exotically dedicated to the most solid friendship a man can indulge in, at Zorba, from 11am to 9pm. They called it the ‘Red Paws Days Out’ and offered a a full fledged sunny refreshment to dog lovers and their beloved dogs, with mouthwatering food, fun activities, shopping, great music, beer and cocktails, the proceeds of which went towards Red Paws Delhi. Boris Ivanov, Evgenya Prazdnik, Olga Sabanina, Akshay Duggal and Sanchayan Jana participated as Guest Bartenders this day, which also wallowed in musical performances by the Medieval Punditz, B.L.O.T, Dualist Inquiry, DJ Jitters, and Avantika Bhakshi, as well as short talks on dog nutrition, grooming and training. At QLA, Mehrauli, the second day of this event also wrapped in a ‘Wine Master Class’, with Prateek Arora as the participating Guest Bartender.

Delhi Cocktail Week | Make your own bar

If you’re an admirer of home decor, looking to set up a home bar that reflects the signature of your own fashion, you can’t let go of the 6th of February, the third day of this event, at Social, Hauz Khas, from 6pm to 8pm. Ekta Marwaha of Tipple Tales will talk your evening through tips for setting up your home bar, the basics of it, the must-haves (the glassware, bar tools and basic spirits) and the essentials that we mostly skip out on, in a very interactive session. The added flavors to their workshop include a themed cocktail and a bar nibble (veg/non-veg) for you.

Delhi Cocktail Week | The most innovative bartender

And sometimes they just manage to compose the silkiest of cocktails, that sail down so smooth that even the hardest of senses can go in the state of paralysis from ecstasy. How do they manage to wear a skill that has the ability to dig in so deep? Can you go that deep in with your art of cocktail making? Delhi Cocktail Week, along with India Bartenders’ Guild is here to give you an ultimate platform to showcase your art, on the 7th of February, at QLA Mehrauli, from 9:30am to 7pm. Whether you be a professional or a dilettante, the competition is open to you. It’ll throw at you a series of innovative challenges but if you are that good, this is your chance to go global with your skill by the last round of the challenge.


Even the best of drugs just about don’t hit to the core if they’re not glazed for us in our style. There’s a bit of an element of us even in the foods that travel to our nation from the seas. So, the 8th of February of the ‘Delhi Cocktail Week’ is bringing to us an infusion of Indian Flavors in Cocktails.

Delhi Cocktail Week | The Pub Crawl | Pyajama Party

The 9th of February will bring to you from Delhi Cocktail Week, a night open to doors of five exotic venues, from 7pm to 10pm. It will be a Pub Crawl, at a fee of Rs. 999 per person! The venues at the disposal of your Pub Crawl will be Lord of The Drinks, Open House Cafe, Teddy Boy, Southall Cafe and The Flying Saucer Cafe, all circled in Connaught Place. The other events in line for the same date are the ‘Pyjama Theme Party’ at Defcol Social and the ‘Table of 20 Influencers’.


The 10th of February will take you to a travel through the History of Cocktail Culture.

The 11th of February, the last day of the Cocktail Week shall celebrate love in its truest colors. They’d pop up the Sorbet Soiree to celebrate their culture and the most lavishly traded day of love, the Valentine’s Day. An enough reason to celebrate, with more bouquets to the event planned as ‘Movie Night - Cocktail and Dreams’ and ‘Writing on Beverage + Art of Food Blogging’, at Lodi The Garden Restaurant, from 11am to 7pm.

This week, let the spirits rain over us!


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