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Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries: Rocketchefs


January 12, 2016 / Food Truck, Food Truck Diaries

Food is Glorious. Food is Absolution. But even the best of tastes need a curator to design the stage for the masters to play their game. This blog of mine brings to you ‘Rocketchefs’, the name, the scheme, the game!

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries | Rocketchefs | What's the fuss all about?


What is it that you wish you had in your home-called food? You’re shelling out the same amount of greens from your pocket even after sacrificing the benefits of in-house serving. You do wish you had your food served just as fresh to you. It’s the luxury of the taste that you afford when you call for outside food, and you deserve it at its best. Rocket Chefs feel with you and their business model stands in steady support of your sentiments attached with food. They promise you a seven minute food preparation and delivery from the time their mobile kitchen parks outside your house. It is the delivery time after the preparation of food that ruins it from being at its best for you. Rocket Chefs beat this shortcoming with their mobile food delivery vehicles. It’s a very wise operation line laid out for you in a technologically convenient fashion, that just requires you to visit their app, select a food van/bike, select menu as each carry a very specialised and limited menu inside and wait for them to park at your doorstep. In seven passing minutes your order will come fresh to you.

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries | Rocketchefs | Beginning


Rocket Chefs commenced their venture in October 2015, with pizza vans and a limited menu composed of Gourmet Pizzas, Havana Sandwiches and Lemonade Ice-Cream, as they were running trials to test the affect of their project, which is a very experimental one for sure. They have five vans operating currently, each with a specialised menu. For every cuisine, they’ll put at least 8-10 vans on road. If you’re fond of Oriental then the good news is that they’re hitting the road with Oriental pretty soon, too.

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries | Rocketchefs | The Hustler Behind

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The business head of Rocket Chefs, Ramnidhi Wasan has been a Hotelier all along, an expert in the sphere of hospitality, a pioneer of modern undertakings and is truly a people’s person. He devised his business model on the very grounds of people’s malaise. His concept of Rocket Chefs gained grounds 8 months ago. It’s an idea that connects with people and their lives, and is certain to grow as it buds on us and we bud into it. Wasan understood the mind set of people and concluded that those who set out of their homes for food are actually looking for an experience to relish, more than just the food, and those ordering food at home have their expectations set. They’re prepared to pay for food that’d deteriorate in its freshness in the time taken to deliver it. This drawback he ably defeated with ‘Rocket Chefs’. They champion their menu as equitably as they champion their overall work model. Their chefs are food specialists who don’t believe in mediocrity.

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries | Rocketchefs | The Food


If you’re residing in Gurgaon, Rocket Chefs are just around to serve you. Don’t miss out trying their special Caprise Pizza. It’s a pesto sauce pizza with toppings of chicken. Just order them and devour!

Delhi NCR Food Truck Diaries | Rocketchefs | Verdict

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Rocket Chefs couldn’t stand truer to their name. Their functioning stands out from the rest. It’s almost like they’re separating their league from the generic trend to bridge the unnoticed gap the food business has grown to live with. It is the ideas of curators like Wasan that are consciously revolutionising the food market and bringing the world together with services of food. Undoubtedly, he, the Chief of Rocket Chefs, is the sole master of this scene.

Leaving you to the care of Rocket Chefs. A gush of flavours to you! For regular updates you can find them on Facebook here.


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