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South Delhi keep calm: Biryani Blues is coming to DLF Promenade


January 31, 2017 / The Food and Art Affair

South Delhi keep calm: Biryani Blues is coming to DLF Promenade

Have you ever craved capturing and locking the taste of any food in the bellies of your taste buds? Every cuisine has its very best laid out on the desk of my imagination when I think food, but the thickest of flavors in my memory be floored to the taste of Biryani Blues, that not only stands in Connaught Place, the heart of our city, but also in 9 other locations close by us.


Have you tasted the meat biryani from their Hyderabadi kitchen? To a fresher’s delight, their portion size is so satisfying that you’ll fall in love at first sight. The meat is so consistently cooked to perfection every time that the muscle of your tongue and the walls of your mouth can alone beat the action of your teeth. Order yourself their combo meals, if it takes a little more than something to satisfy you, but a taste of Biryani Blues is just simply essential for your Capital city life!

What marks the success of a food chain is the efficiency of its kitchen and the love of the chefs that goes into the preparation of food. Biryani Blues has handpicked its chefs, from the land of biryanis and korma, made of experience and authentic taste, and with them laid out a menu so favorable to the taste of the city that its effectiveness speaks for the budding nature and trend of the brand.


Biryani Blues has risen to substantial expectations for us as well as pronounced itself so splendidly in such a short span of time, that the organizer of its activities and achievements customarily must be accredited. It’s Aparna Andrews, the proud owner and the woman behind the rising fame of her series of Biryani Blues. Her Hyderabadi crowned prince has been earning rewards for himself ever since the very first of his bodies emerged.

And Curature craves the taste of Biryani Blues even more every new visit! To its perfect delight, the king with its vast expanse all over the city is soon setting foot in DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj, close by the office of Curature. This is how perfectly women entrepreneurs make common people’s dreams come alive!

If I haven’t been able to convince you enough with my write, order yourself a meat biryani from Biryani Blues today and give yourself grounds to critique my praise for it.


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