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Trends in Food Industry: Digital Marketing Promotions.


January 31, 2017 / Marketing your restaurant

Trends in Food industry: Digital Marketing Promotions

Digital marketing has taken internet by storm. Today, if a business doesn’t promote itself on internet via social media and advertisements, it will severely lag behind its competitors. Food Industry is a thriving industry worth billions of dollars in India. As digital marketing has prospered, it has carved out a niche for itself with nifty trends which have helped to make it one of the fastest growing industry in India.

Brand promotion and product advertisement has become readily accessible to everyone from the established business giants to the small start-ups through the help of digital marketing. Any ambitious food business can’t forgo online presence on social media agents such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Not only does this serve to promote the business, but also gain a huge consumer base with quick feedback about the products. It has also been successful in promotion of discount offers, new product launches and limited offer deals.

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Maintaining a Facebook page with uncluttered regular content postings not only helps to publicise your brand image but also makes the business accessible to the consumer. Food trucks can especially benefit from the use of social media marketing by keeping their loyal customers updated about their location on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Pictures are the best advertisements. An exquisite shot of crowd favourite food item like pastas or pizzas does more to attract potential customers than a hundred advertisement pamphlets. Through digital marketing, such content is regularly updated to reflect the brand and a popular medium for this is Instagram.

Restaurant finder apps like Zomato have been the reason for the success of many food start ups because digital promotions are very easy and reliable. And this is the gist of digital marketing, ease of access and reliability. As digital marketing is growing, new trends emerge everyday to facilitate the process of publicity.


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