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Why you should attend the latest edition of The Grub Fest


March 19, 2016 / Curature Munched!

It's 2016, and Grub Fest has returned in all its glory, shining like a star in the city. This year has our own Grub Fest merrier than ever with an experimental food play at every stall. I walked those streets of food yesterday. Intriguing it was to find how readily the bold chefs of today put their hearts out to give their own art new surprises all the time. There isn't a favourite in my heart when it comes to the food at Grub Fest. Every stall is an offering. The best of foods that I tasted came to me from the hands of the innovator, straight to the heart. Through Grub Fest, I discover every time that food innovations never stop happening.


Why you should attend the latest edition of The Grub Fest | Findings

I saw some food trucks I'd never seen before. A truck called 'Burnout' especially bought my attention, their best serve being soft tacos. I had my soft taco filled with rich chunks of Mexican chicken for an opening delight at the fest. Another food truck that I so badly wanted to save my appetite for was 'Doggy Style'. If you crave for a variety in hot dogs, they're not to be missed.


For live entertainment, I treated my eyes to a wrestling match. This isn't something you get to see around often. If wild sports is not what it takes for you to be a part of the Grub Fest 2016, then I suppose that there is more than just a reason for you to be there. There was live music to be relished all around and a strong essence of art everywhere the eyes wandered. From the design of the lovely cruise the 'Imperfecto' had made of itself to every other object for the catch of the eye around, the Grub Fest stood grand in every aspect.


It's such a mystery that binds us to the love of eye sweeteners. There's so much inspiration in every corner of the world and it's especially surprising how little things can make the fondness of a heart deliver so immensely, that pretty dreams like 'My Little Food Company' come to life. You might have seen the movie 'Chef'. You might have been tempted enough to be exhausted by your temptations. I bet you might have searched for 'Cubanos'. Now, you can let yourself be led into temptations, for she's the one to deliver you. I met her again, yesterday and ate my heart out at the humble booth she calls 'My Little Food Company'. From the overly inviting cheesy breakfast the 'Chef' cooked for his son to the ultimate Cubanos that had all hearts sold and his popularity take a toll, I fed myself on it all. She talks about her inspiration with a zeal she possesses uniquely. It was amazing to watch people in numbers linger at her stall to get a taste of her passion. At MLFC, I tasted my dream cravings!


We all being Delhiites share something in common that has our hearts cornered. 'Banta', the bottled magic! Who would have imagined turners in our popular singular recipe of Banta? Find the booth of Banta Bar serving 'Gourmet Banta' to see for yourself what I'm talking about. You can call for anything you like on their very precise menu, blindfolded. Every drink of theirs promises a fresh treat. If you want to trust a first handed experience, call for the 'Kaala khatta' Banta.


There is so much happening in our world, that goes unnoticed. Food innovators are seasoning our lives in a new fashion each day. This is the time to show love to some of the greatest chefs, working in their kitchens to make our lives beautiful. After all, our appreciation is their motivation, and their inspiration is the joyous work of art on our platter. My walk through the Grub Fest was a ride in a playground with food as reward all over. Being a foodie, I confess that I truly blanked out of sanity. I hope that my city wouldn't miss it for the world.


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